2022 - Volume 5 [Issue 2]

Minireview Article

Regulatory Role of Nucleus in miRNA Processing at Early Developmental Stages in Plants

Rao Saad Rehman, Syed Ali Zafar, Mujahid Ali, Hassan Bashir, Asad Nadeem Pasha

Page: 159-162

Original Research Article

Larvicidal Potential of Conidia Suspension of Aspergillus flavus against Anopheles sp.

Abdulrahman Itopa Suleiman, Abdullahi Abdulkadir Imam, Nasir Sirajo Sadi, Muhammad Ali Gambo

Page: 152-158

Bioprospecting Filamentous Fungi from Araucaria Moist Forests and the Pampa Biome: High Amylase Production with a Potential Industrial Application

Thiago M. Pasin, Eliano A. Moreira, Mariana Cereia, Maria de Lourdes T. M. Polizeli

Page: 113-118

Detection and Identification of Plant Viruses Causing Severe Losses in Yam Production in Cross River State, Nigeria

O. I. Eyong, E. E. Ekpiken, O. I. Onen, D. A. Akoli

Page: 163-169

In Vitro Propagation of some Pear Rootstocks

Omayma M. Ismail, Farid M. Rohim, Amira A. Fouad, Chunqing Ou, Yanjie Zhang, Fei Wang, Shuling Jiang

Page: 137-145

Comparative Analysis of Genetic Variation and Chemical Variability in Commonly Available Egyptian and Chinese Garlic

Zeinab A. Abd Elhafez, Omneya F. Abu El-Leel

Page: 191-205

Synthesis and Biological Activities of Cu-Nanoparticles from Aspergillus niger

Syed Bilal Hussain, Romesa Bashir, Sadaf Noor, Muhammad Zubair

Page: 206-219

Molecular Analysis of Sedative Potential of PREP1 Gene in Mangifera Indica Flower as a Remedy for Insomnia

T. Blessing, A. I. Alhaji, G. A. Ajibade, Y. Magaji

Page: 146-151

Assessment of Genetic Diversity for Cotton Leaf Curl Disease (CLCuD) and Qualitative Traits among Elite Cotton Cultivars

Syed Bilal Hussain, Laraib Farooq, Muhammad Zubair

Page: 220-225

Review Article

The Role of CRISPR/Cas9 for Genetic Advancement of Soybean: A Review

Muhammad Naveed, Jazib Javed, Usama Waheed, Maham Sajid, Mehrab Ijaz, Areeba Sehar, Mazhar Attique, . Mahnoor, Salman Javed

Page: 226-239

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