Determination of Allele Distribution of CYP1A2 Gene rs762551 Polymorphism on Caffeine Metabolism in Healthy Individuals

Funda Nur Çelik, Eyyüp Deniz, Esra Pektaş, Öznur Özge Özcan, Tolga Polat, Canan Sercan Doğan, Korkut Ulucan, Mesut Karahan

Page: 1-8
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Butyryl-cholinesterase Inhibitory Effect of Ficus platyphylla Root Methanolic Extract on Catfish Exposed to Arsenic

I. M. Hassan, A. I. Ja’afaru

Page: 16-26
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Fermentative Enzymes Production Efficiency of Ethanologenic Bacteria Isolated from Raphia Palm Sap

O. A. Ayanshina, M. N. Igwo-Ezikpe, N. O. A. Imaga, T. O. Ajasa, O. Adeboye, I. A. Odjokpa, S. E. Agbale, O. C. Okafor, F. N. Onyekawa

Page: 27-48
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Application of Engineered Mussel Foot Protein (MFP) from Some Bivalve Species on Cell and Tissue Culture: Mini Review

Rega Permana, Aulia Andhikawati

Page: 9-15
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