Preliminary Investigation of Haemoglobin Polymorphism among Indigenous Cattle in North Western Nigeria

Bunjah Umar Danladi *

Livestock Department, Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria, Nigeria.

Adejoh-Ubani Elizabeth Ojoma

National Animal Production Research Institute, Poultry Unit, Shika Zaria, Nigeria.

Rufina Obioma Okeke

National Biotechnology Development Agency Lugbe Airport, Road Abuja, Nigeria.

Edward Christopher Dung

Department of Veterinary Physiology, Pharmacology and Biochemistry, University of Jos, Nigeria.

Japheth Joel Kalang

Department of Veterinary Medicine, Surgery and Radiology, University of Jos, Nigeria.

Danjuma Reuben Tom

Department of Veterinary Medicine, Surgery and Radiology, University of Jos, Nigeria.

Stanley David Oziegbe

Department of Theriogenology and Production, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Jos, Nigeria.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


The goal of this research was to identify the genetic pool of the Bunaji and Sokoto-Gudali cows
using haemoglobin (Hb) polymorphism. Blood samples were collected from a total of 150 mature Bunaji, Sokoto-Gudali and HolsteinXBunaji cows in north western Nigeria. To reveal the band patterns of haemoglobin, the red cell lysates were treated to cellulose acetate electrophoresis and a particular staining process. Individual cattle were found to have three co-dominant alleles, resulting in three genotypes (AA, AB, and AC). The A and B alleles had gene frequencies of 0.62 and 0.38, respectively. In the cattle population, the corresponding genotype frequencies for AA, AB, and AC were 0.34, 0.57, and 0.10, respectively. The variation between the observed and the expected genotype number was not significant (P>0.05) thereby conforming with Hardy-Weinberg frequencies. There is a need for further study to determine the association between morphological traits with haemoglobin polymorphism using high resolution DNA markers for detailed understanding of health status and breed characteristics of indigenous cattle in north western Nigeria.

Keywords: Haemoglobin, polymorphism, morphometric traits, cattle, Nigeria

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Danladi, Bunjah Umar, Adejoh-Ubani Elizabeth Ojoma, Rufina Obioma Okeke, Edward Christopher Dung, Japheth Joel Kalang, Danjuma Reuben Tom, and Stanley David Oziegbe. 2022. “Preliminary Investigation of Haemoglobin Polymorphism Among Indigenous Cattle in North Western Nigeria”. Asian Journal of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering 5 (1):25-29.


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