Association of Intron 4a/b VNTR NOS3 Gene Polymorphism with Arterial Distensibility in Russian Population

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Vladimir N. Melnikov
Sergey G. Krivoschekov
Tamara G. Komlyagina
Irina V. Karmakulova


Nitric oxide is one of the important modulators of arterial tone. It is still unclear whether arterial stiffness depends upon NOS3 gene polymorphism in intron 4. The aim of this observational study was to test an association of central hemodynamic and arterial distensibility with VNTR 4b/a NOS3 gene polymorphism determined by PCR, in Caucasian population.

The routinely ascertained tonometry data were studied by pulse wave analysis using SphygmoCor device in 60 healthy Russian miners (27 women) aged 27–65 years and residing in middle Kola Peninsula (68 degrees N).

Paired comparisons showed that male BB homozygotes had lower values of augmentation pressure (p=.005), and higher brachial-to-aortic pulse pressure amplification (p=.002) than A allele carriers (AB and AA genotypes). These associations remain significant after adjusting for age, heart rate, and systolic blood pressure in multiple regression analysis. Female AB carriers had higher aortic systolic blood pressure (p=.046) and lower subendocardial viability ratio (p=.049) compared to homozygous BB subsample.

Individuals carrying A allele thus have stiffer conduit arteries and seem to be at higher risk for cardiovascular diseases.

NOS3 gene, VNTR polymorphism, arterial stiffness, pulse wave analysis, central hemodynamics.

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Melnikov, V. N., Krivoschekov, S. G., Komlyagina, T. G., & Karmakulova, I. V. (2020). Association of Intron 4a/b VNTR NOS3 Gene Polymorphism with Arterial Distensibility in Russian Population. Asian Journal of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, 3(4), 34-41. Retrieved from
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