Spermatozoa Motility of Boer Buck Semen with Addition of Sweet Orange Essential Oil to Tris Yolk Extender

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Sukma Aditya Sitepu
Zaituni Udin
. Jaswandi
. Hendri


Aims: The sweet orange essential oil contains antioxidants and antibacterials that can inhibit bacterial growth and prevent damage due to cold shock so that spermatozoa motility increases. Determine the effect of the addition sweet orange essential oil to tris yolk extender to spermatozoa motilty Boer Buck frozen semen.

Study Design: Randomized Block Design.

Place and Duration of Study: Laboratory Reproduction of Loka Penelitian Kambing Potong Sei Putih Indonesia, between January and March 2019.

Methodology: The research procedure starts with the preparation of semen extender, collection of fresh semen, dilution of semen, equilibration, freezing of semen, and thawing. Semen collected from 3 boer bucks were analyzed for the study using randomized block design as experimental design. Sweet orange essential oils as treatment used at 4 treatment level at (P0) control group (P1) 0,25%, (P2) 0,5%, (P3) 0,75% and (P4) 1% on the tris yolk extender. The observed variables was motility spermatozoa evaluated before freezing and after freezing (Post-Thawing).

Results: The results showed that the addition of sweet orange essential oil had a very significant effect (P <0.01). The results of adding sweet orange essential oil to the extender (Post-Thawing) were 36% (P0), 40% (P1), 40% (P2), 44% (P3) and 50% (P4).

Conclusion: The best values ​​the motility 50% (P4). It can conclude that the best result of adding sweet orange essential oil to tris yolk extender is (P4) 1%.

Boer buck, motility, post-thawing, sweet orange essential oil.

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Sitepu, S. A., Udin, Z., Jaswandi, ., & Hendri, . (2020). Spermatozoa Motility of Boer Buck Semen with Addition of Sweet Orange Essential Oil to Tris Yolk Extender. Asian Journal of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, 3(3), 35-38. Retrieved from https://journalajbge.com/index.php/AJBGE/article/view/30083
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