Accessory Machine Used for Single-phase Complex Agro Technology

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Zoran S. Veselinovic


Accessory machine for single-phase complex agro-technology serves the sowing operation, and before that, and prepares the soil, which regulates all necessary physical and biological conditions for optimal growth and yield. With this physical operation, through the development, erosion, mixing and homogenization of the soil, the number of passages is reduced to only one, and the reduction is reduced to a minimum, factors which affect the physical, biological and chemical properties of the soil are preserved and enhanced.In addition to the precise individual laying of each seed, except for the desired depth, this machine in the seed mode, apart from the desired depth, performs their horizontal arrangement along the entire surface in the required spacing. The layers of the multilayer compaction and the handling of homogenized soil are arranged in a good arrangement and the connection of seeds and soils, faster germination and achieve the requirements of certain species for the compactness of the soil under and above the laid seeds.A homogenized distribution of nutrients throughout the cross-section is performed and a proper schedule of starting doses in-depth, protective serum, growth bioregulators and aggregate structuring.

Aggregated drill, multilayer soil preparation in one pass, single-use of all types of seeds.

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