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Current Issue

2024 - Volume 7 [Issue 1]

Original Research Article

Computational Exploration of Adenylyl Cyclase Type 2 Inhibition by Oleandrin Glycosides via Molecular Docking Studies

Syed Aun Muhammad, Syeda Tahira Qousain Naqvi, Tahir Naqqash, Sadaf Noor

Page: 1-7

Certified Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) G1 Tubers Production at Different Weight and Planting Distances of G0 Tubers in Lebanon

M. Dalleh , J. Borjac , G. Younes, E. Choueiri , A. Chehade , A. Elbitar

Page: 8-15

Estimation of Combining Ability for Oil and Yield-related Traits in Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) by Using Line × Tester Analysis

Muhammad Imran Ashraf , Muhammad Waqas Dogar , Zahid Hussain , Mahnoor, Humara Ashraf , Ramin Munir , Muhammad Saddam Mustafa

Page: 16-24

Design of a Plant to Produce 20,000 Litres/Day of Citric Acid from Corn Cob Using Aspergillus niger

Andrea Dallacoasta , Benjamin Obinna Uloh , Abraham Ben , Victor Chukwuebuka Ugochukwu, Abdullahi Abdulsalam

Page: 54-71

Extraction, Sequence Alignment and Cloning of Recombinant Papain from Carica papaya

Musa Sale Makeri, John Otumala Egbere, Victoria Kaneng Pam, Margaret Musa Atsen Danladi , Ayika Philomena Dan, Munir Umar, Usman Usman Musa, Hussein Ridwan Abdulsalam

Page: 79-84

Genetic Diversity Analysis of Tomato Germplasm via RAPD Markers: A Case Study in Bangladesh

Shamima Nasrin , Abdul Mannan , Monirul Islam , Sabiha Sultana , Abu Sayem Jiku , M Al-Mamun

Page: 112-120

Genetic Insights into Plasmodium falciparum Resistance to Sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine through a Study of the 540-dihydropteroate Synthetase Gene Mutations in Jos, Nigeria

Nelson J. Nwankwo , Joel Paul, Shangshikmwa K. Gaknung , Timloh Fakdul , Mercy O. Simon , Dinci T. Davou , Mary M. Mankilik , Richard J. Kutshik , Bitrus Yakubu , Ishaya Y. Longdet

Page: 128-138

Review Article

A Detailed Analysis of the Consequences of Various Nanoparticles on Growth, Development and Physiological Responses in Plants under Changing Environments

Zabeehullah Burhan, Sama Usman , Hina Nazir , Narmeen Ayesha, Areej Zubair, Aliza Fermaish Ali , Saima Nadir Ali , Kiran Fatima

Page: 31-42

Under Environmental Stress Increase CO2 Level and the Photosynthetic Response of Plant

Ayesha Arif , Sadia Batool , Alveena Rafiq , laraib barira , Zubaira BiBi , Zabeehullah Burhan , Urooj Bashir

Page: 72-78

Genome-wide Repression of Extrachromosomal Circular DNA in Plants: A Review

Umar Azam , Ali Haider , Bismillah Fiaz , Sadaf Batool , Ayesha Ashraf , Maham Ashraf , Abdul Rehman Shah , Kiran Shahzadi , Amina Zia , Ibtisham Elahi

Page: 85-95

Hypermethylation of Apoptotic Genes in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Aabhas Agarwal, Shivani Tyagi , Madhav Kumar , Abhimanyu Kumar Jha

Page: 96-111

Worldwide Wheat Diseases their Current Status and Mode of Resistance: A Review

Amir Ullah, Ali Raza Arif, Muhammad Hammad Yasin, Muhammad Moaz Zubair, Muhammad Salman, Mahrukh Ghulam Mustafa, Sumbal Khalid, Urooj Bashir, Muhammad Usman

Page: 139-149