Article ID : 2019/AJBGE/49261 : Site Directed Mutagenesis of Wild Type Green Flourescent Protein

Effiom Henhsaw1,2* and Josiah Lennox1

1Bioremediation and Ecology Research Group, Microbiology Department,Faculty of Biological Science, University of Calabar, Calabar, Nigeria.
2Astbury Centre for Structural Molecular Biology, University of Leeds, England.

Article ID : 2018/AJBGE/46128 : Study of ZNF804A and DISC1 Genes in Iranian Patients with Schizophrenia
Azizi Faryal1, Azizi Parisa1 and Nemati Fahimeh2*
1Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Central Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran.
2Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Advanced Sciences and Technology, Pharmaceutical Sciences Branch, Islamic Azad University (IAUPS), Tehran, Iran.


Article ID : 2018/AJBGE/41765 : Technological Economic for an Aggregate during Modernization Parameters of Milk Traits Weights of Healthy Dairy Cattle

Ward M. Ashraf1*, Hdud M. Ismail2, Al Zlitne A. Rabia1 and Aswehli A. Abdelatef1 and Elgusbi M. Tarek3
1.Department of Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Tripoli, Tripoli, Libya.
2.Department of Pathology and Clinical Pathology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Tripoli, Tripoli, Libya
3.Department of public health, Faculty of Medical Technology. University of Tripoli, Tripoli, Libya.